Our Story

JSM Organic Farms has provides the Central Coastal California area customers with local, organically grown produce, fruits, and flowers. We are certified organic and have always grown strictly organically.

Located 2 hours south of San Francisco, we grow an extremely wide variety of vegetable and fruit products. We also cooperate with our neighbors to assure a healthy farming environment while promoting the growth of organic production in California.

We welcome the public to come to our farms and learn more about organic farming and our production. Please contact us if you or your organization is interested in guided tours of JSM Organic Farms.

We feel it is important for consumers to know where their food is coming from and how it is produced. We look forward to meeting you.


JSM Organic Farms is committed to bringing the central coast of California the best produce, fruits, and flowers. We are proud to be locally and organically grown. We can't wait to serve the area for many more years to come.

What We Grow

Many people think organic farms only grow certain varieties of vegetables. The fact is, organic farms like JSM grow not only vegetables but many types of fruits and flowers. Our organic berries are in high demand by local markets, along with our extensive flower selection.